Lubricant %2F Protective Agent
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PTFE Lubricant
불소수지 윤활제
Content       :
Aerosol 420㎖
Packing Unit :


Lubrication of the part requiring the dry lubrication


① Rustproof, lubrication, and penetration are strong. Release and adhesion are good.
② It is hardened at room temperature. The film has the good corrosion and wear resistance.
③ It has good heat, cold, weather, medicine, and solvent resistance and has the long wear lifetime.
④ It has a little friction and is economical.

How to use

① Shake it fully before use.
② Keep the distance of 15cm to 30cm for spray.
③ Use it after removing the impurities on the surface.


① Tools, bearings, chains, gears, cylinders, couplings, molds, electric device parts, valves, machines, and parts
② Timber, textile machinery, plastic, rubber, window frames, and stones
③ Iron, ceramic, glass, and stainless

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